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1. What is the key Problem you are solving?
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3. How will your product be used?
4. Who will your customer be?


1. Type of the Token (ERC 20, New Blockchain or based on another Blockchain platform?
2. Short description of token functionality
3. Why would the value of your token increase over time?


1. ICO start date
2. Token price in ICO
3. Number of total supply
4. Soft / Hard Cap
5. How will you use the raised capitals?
6. Are you aware of the tax implications?


1. Do you have a legal partner?
2. Do you have a marketing partner?
3. Do you have a bank partner for your ICO?
4. Do you have a fiduciary partner?
5. Do you have a KYC-compliance partner?
6. Do you have a community manager partner?